Brake System

[KSPORT] 19"F8POT R6POT 380 X 32MM

19인치휠에 적용되는 최대사이즈의 브레이크입니다

프런트 SUPER 8pot 380*32 플로팅 디스크로터
리어 8pot 380*32 디스크로터
스테인레스스틸 브레이크호스
스트릿전용 브레이크 패드
카본강캘리퍼 브라켓

프런트 SUPER 8pot 380*32 디스크로터 








k-sport 8 POT Front and 6 POT Rear Brake Kit has 380 mm diameter, 32mm thick brake discs and is suitable for 19 inch wheels or above.

The brake pads from the following well-known brand: PAGID

The brake systems that we produce, the bell housing of disc use aluminum materials (2 pcs). The rear brake system with drum disc use aluminum materials; therefore, the handbrake is only suitable for parking not drifting in high speed driving. For aftermarket multi-pistons upgraded brake system, you could set up the oil hydraulic handbrake which we manufacture for drifting or special purposes.

  1. Any application of brake kit doesn't appear on our application guide can be customized to meet our customer's requirements.

  2. There are race pad and sport pad for your options. Painted orange, painted red, painted yellow, painted black and anodized black are our standard caliper colors.

  3. You can choose other colors for powder coating to match your vehicle as well and the lead time is longer. Any powder coating caliper per pair is required extra fees.